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Down The Mountain

intro (2x)

I started down the mountain
Several years ago
Seems I couldn't move much faster
Fallin' down this path ya know
I've was searchin' for some answers
And I didn't want to climb
So I started down the mountain
But no answers did I find

I couldn't say, I do not know
Could you point which way to go
I am lost, I'm a victim
I'm a sinner in my soul
I'm a poor wayfarin' stranger
I have nothin' left to lose
I have fallen down the mountain
Wretched righteous, flesh for fools

Sadness flows like water
Down the lonely mountain side
Who would walk beside a sinner
Who has bubbles in his pride
People say they do not know
When I know they've done the same
Who would take the repercussions
When the bottle is to blame



I'm winding down a river
I will ride this silver road
Down the path of least resistance
Chasing whipporwills and beau
I don't miss the time I lingered
In the clouds up in the sky
But I'll never climb the mountain
For those days have passed me by



uittro (2x)

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