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I've Seen That Face Before (Libertango)
Astor Piazolla, versie Grace Jones

Strange, I've seen that face before
Seen him hanging round my door
Like a hawk stealing for the prey
Like the night waiting for the day

Strange, he shadows me back home
Footsteps echo on the stone
Rainy nights on Haussmann Boulevard
Parisian music drifting from the bars

Tu cherches quoi
A rencontrer la mort?
Tu te prends pour qui?
Toi aussi, tu detestes la vie

break (als 1e 2 regels couplet)

Dance in bars and restaurants
ome with anyone who wants
Strange, he's standing there alone
Staring eyes chill me to the bone

break (als couplet)

Dans sa chambre
Joelle et sa valise
Un regard sur ses fringues
Sur les murss photos sans regret

Sans melo?, la porte est claquee?
Joelle est barre?

break (als couplet)

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