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Lovesick Blues
Hank Williams, adpt. Doc Watson

I'm in love, I'm in love with a beautiful gal
Hey, that's what's the matter with me
I'm in love, I'm in love, with a beautiful gal
But she don't care about me
To make her love me I tried, and oh how I tried
But man, she just refused
And now that my baby's said goodbye
I've got the lovesick blues

I got a feelin' called the blues, oh Lord
Since my baby said goodbye
And I don't know what to do-do-li-do
All I do is sit and sigh, oh Lord
That last long day she said goodbye
Oh Lord, I thought I would die
She'll do me, she's got that kind of lovin'
I love to hear her when she calls me
Sweet daddy, oh Lord, such a beautiful dream
When I think it all over I've lost my heart it seems
I got so used to her somehow
I ain't nobody's sugarpapa now
And I'm lonesome I got the Lovesick Blues

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